Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lord Muruga is a Vedic Deity and is above language restrictions

Shatbhadram Dwadasha Bhujam Ashtadasha Vilochanam
Roopam Angeekritam Shubham Lokaanaam!

- Sri Sri Vyasa Bhagawan on Lord Muruga

Friday, July 10, 2009

The three Gunas... Satwa, Rajas, Tamas

an explanation for the three gunas came up right in front of my face when i was in a bus

the scenario here is that we find a very pretty girl and we cannot control our emotion towards her
(this itself is an expression of Rajo Guna... but lets reserve it so that i can throw some insight into the gunas)

* the Satwa Guna is basically attachment to goodness *
so a person who is in this mode will start composing poems on the girl's beauty and singing songs like "Aisi Haseen Chandini Pehle Kabhi Na Thee" (which is by the way an extra-ordinary Kishore Kumar song). he may even start worshipping her and pray for her welfare. he will say i am not so good for her, may God bless her with a good suitor.

* the Rajo Guna is basically attachment to sensual actions and their fruits *
so a person who is in this mode will start meticulously preparing to qualify himself for her, dress up very well, be sentimental when she does not respond, follow her to her home, discuss with her parents, fantasise on her etc. etc.

* the Tamo Guna is basically finding happiness in being ignorant *
so a person in this mode will try to hurt her beauty if she does not care for him. he may contemplate on using acid on her face. he may subtly harm her or her suitors. he may try to rape her etc. etc.

the Divine person will not care for external beauty. he will say "beauty is short lived and causes complications in relationships. people grow old and wither away. God is the only One who is truly and eternally beautiful"

Sunday, June 14, 2009

An eventful day in my life!

Today was a very eventful day in my life. Incidentally I went to Giri Trading Company to buy some goods. When I came out and walked near the Kapaleeswarar temple, I prayed to the Lord to bless me with His Darshan some time in the near future when it felt to me like "Today is the day". I prostrated to the Lord and walked inside the temple. When I reached the Lord's presence, I was asked to sit near the inner sanctum sanctorum. I silently sat there in His presence and was grateful for Him allowing me near Him! Great is God, unseen are His acts of Grace. Fortunate are His servants and lovers!

Is Dakshinamurthi Buddha!

Sri Dakshinamurthi is Lord Shiva and an epitome of Mauna. His Upadesa is Mauna. An Upanishad named Sri Dakshinamurthi Upanishad is dedicated to the Lord. This occurs in the Krishna Yajur Veda. Some people say that Dakshinamurthi is the Buddha. God is everything that is glorious, in that way we can say this. But Sri Dakshinamurthi is Shiva Himself. And there is Vedic treatise that emphasises His excellence. So don't believe it when someone says He is not a Hindu God. Of course neither Him nor the Buddha would care for such things... themselves being immersed in Silent Bliss!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Chiranjeevis and what they indicate to us mortals

In the Hindu mythology the following people are Chiranjeevis meaning immortals.

Each one of them represents a quality which itself is immortal and beyond time adn will always be present as long as humans are there!!

(i) Sri Parasurama - Spirit of revolt over injustice (karthaveerya arjuna and other kshatriyas tormented the brahmins)
(ii) Sri Hanuman - Quality of service supported by strength and humility (Hanuman served Sri Rama all the time)
(iii) Sri Vibhishana - Penitence and willingness to give up one's evil surroundings for the sake of goodness
(iv) Sri Vyasa - Supreme Knowledge, Wisdom, Scriptural Authority
(v) Sri Markandeya - Overcoming fate or destiny (prarabdha) through surrendering and identification to God (Lord Shiva)
(vi) Sri Mahabali - Self Sacrifice and offering himself to the Lord
(vii) Aswaththama - He stands for non-forgiveness and mercilessness. Non-forgiveness or non-acceptance of defeat and unquenched revenge will result in eternal doom. This is a contemptible quality

Saturday, April 18, 2009

After going around now Evangelism is at God's doorstep

Christianity has wiped out traces of every native religion across the world. Be it in Europe, Middle East, China, Philippines, Latin America or elsewhere. By running the "road roller" this religion has attempted to integrate all people but subsequently destroyed native cultures and native spiritual practices in the name of One God, One Son and One Holy Spirit! Even the native traditional medicinal practices, natural remedies, home medicines have been wiped out by Christian aggression. Christians use the following "punchlines" for achieving their *holy* agenda

- Become more fashionable... embrace Christianity
- Your Gods don't solve any of your problems
- Non-worshippers of our God (Jesus) are worshippers of Satan!
- Business, education, health are all gifts to the world from Christians
- Only Jesus is the path. Bible is the book

My retorts to these machinations are listed below

Fashion is part of change, civilizations will change without doubt, but core values like Truth, Honour, Liberty, Justice, Godliness and Equality are the same

Gods do not solve our problems. We create them and get entangled in them. When we are unattached to consequences of our actions what can affect us? The Gods are there to elevate us from the animal birth to Divine consciousness. For this the Hindu Dharma has prescribed numerous paths

God is the Creator of one and all. Satan is inside us and so is God. How can anyone who worships with goodness at heart, unity, love, peace worship Satan? Even if he unknowingly chants Satan's mantra, the implicit goodness will it not direct him to God? Or will God not be bounden to direct to good person towards Himself?

The hard work of scientists and engineers has resulted in this "convenient" world. But if you look at the third world countries, we can see what a havoc has been unleashed by uncontrolled engineering which is a child of science. There is rampant scarcity of water, pollution, spread of disease and so many additional burdens man has to carry just so that his life can be convenient! In olden days the air was pure, water bodies were themselves sources of drinking water and food was very pure and sustaining.

God cannot be owned by anyone. We are all His children. There are so many great avatars and men born in India like Sathya Sai, Shirdi Sai, Kabir, Sivananda, Appayya Dikshitar, Thyagarajar, Ramana, Ramakrishna, Vivekananda, Aurobindo, Sadasiva and so on. Are they inferior to anyone? Can one child claim ownership of the mother? Mother's love embraces all her children despite their natural evil tendencies. Even more so is God's inexplicable love for His Creation. Also there are many jewels and immaculate treatises in the Hindu religion. Can one claim that the Bible is holier? Is it not like God's garment claiming it is superior to His diadem?

Bharath is God's own country. It is a great traditional bastion for God and for Dharma. The Evangelists are at God's doorstep waiting to hand Him the translated, incomplete, aggressive and uncompromising Bible and convert Him! The people are here to force the cook to eat bread and wine asking him to throw away the tasty Payasam he just cooked with his own hands! How this is going to end will be an interesting and revealing event!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

God does not need followers

Yesterday I was thinking if God really needs any people to follow Him. When He is Bliss Absolute, Always Ecstatic, Having everything one would need, Fully aware of the past, present and future and fully in control of everything what is the need for any followers. One aspect of God's followers is that He wants the following

- To reveal the true Blissful Nature of all beings since we emerged from Him
- To satisfy the beings for their craving for the Infinite.

Since God is the only way of satisfying one's desires whatever they may be in whatever abundance they may be or to whatever level they may be, God expects people to follow His advise so that they may reach Him and feel content and satisfied! Great is God, great are His ways, Great is His honour and Great is His Love!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Plea of a dying man!

Plea of a dying man:

Mother, I cried for food when i was born,
In life I was happy and sad and was torn,
Betwixt extremes of pleasure and pain
Youthfulness sometime made me vain.
Aged though i became with time
Never have i committed an heinous crime.
Now Thou orders thine forces to snatch me away
From this peaceful life when my hair is grey.
Tell me what grave sin didst I do
To give my breath away to You?!

Mother Nature's reply:

My son of wonderful pain
Hasn't thee not seen men that art vain
Foolish pursuits are their lot
In the world's magical Net ther are caught.
No wonder when playing life's game
Only some become great, many remain same.
Alas only to serve thine flesh hast thou lived!
This body which dies at a rapid pace
Is but made of clay, water, air and space!
Now when I demand these things back
To give it up why art thou slack?
Hast thou been granted a boon for serving God
Or the great Masters who on earth didst trod?
By such acts alone, immortal, one becomes
The rest are then ordained to be content, with whatever comes!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Did you see something bigger than you?

See the poor man, wife with glass bangles carrying an infant
Living a bare existence but smiling and cheerful
Innocent, living frugally, inside worn out clothes
Did you see him bigger than you?

See the cows, grazing in the pastures
Playing on the verdant greenery, mooing,
Udders filled with nectar for all humans
Did you see them bigger than you?

See the tree, standing still, bearing fruit
Breathing all this poison and giving us pure breath
Diligently doing its task, flowering to our delight
Did you see the tree bigger than you?

See the mountain standing tall, motionless
Ever in meditation, commanding the clouds to stop and rain
You can see it from far away, like the fame of great men
Did you see the mountain bigger than you?

See the air around you, moving everywhere
Giving life to the thousands of forms in the planet
Sustaining them from time immemorial this humble air
Did you see it bigger than you?

See the sapid ambrosial water, showering on us as rain
Eternally flowing in the rivers, in the streams,
In the ponds, flowing into our homes, quenching thirst
Did you see it bigger than you?

See the earth, wide and far, supporting all
See it bear everything huge and small, even diggers!
Patient, persistent, turning dirt into beauty
Did you see it bigger than you?

See the fire which cooks the food
See it light holy lamps and give light
See holy wise men offering sacred oil into it
Did you see it bigger than you?

Did you see the sky with its unheard sounds?
Humming holy vibrations into everything
Supporting one and all and totally unaffected and vast
Did you see it bigger than you?

In charity, in forgiveness, in honour, in fame
In patience, in tolerance, in kindness, in generosity
In strength, in valour, in pleasure or in non-violence
Did you see something bigger than you?

Friday, November 28, 2008

Plea to the All Powerful Lord Narayana!

O Narayana how art Thou getting sleep on the Shesha Naga
Did Mother Yasoda sing such a beautiful lullaby?
Shouldn't she have awakened you to the urgent call of a hurt Nation?
Everyone here is running helter skelter, Mother Ganges is bleeding!
The Nation and Mother India are bleeding, they are Your children!
To save Gajendra Thou hurried, fully armed with mace and discus on the Garuda
To save Prahalada and to save Arjuna Thou descended
Even as a half-animal as Narasimha, and as the bewitching Lord Krishna
Now, when the entire Nation is in great torture from within and without
Whence art Thou? Just now when Thine Great and Holy Bravery is needed?!
Aren't Thee able to travel fast? Is Thine vehicle, Garuda hurt too?
Can even Garuda be hurt? Did he forget how he routed the Devas for the nectar?
Where art Thou, O ever valourous, O ever Charming One, O Madhava!
O Krishna, the one of charming countenance and extraordinary deeds!
Purushottama! O giver of nectar, O Father Thou served it physically to the Devas
And spiritually in the form of the Bhagavad Gita to all beings!
Where art Thou? Did some devotee imprison Thee,
In her heart out of possessiveness for Thee?
Tell her the Fate of this sacred land of Bharath, plead with her
Let her release You so that You can come hither real fast.
Or was Mother Yasoda's song so sweet that Thou went into Samadhi?
O Yasoda wake Thine Child up and send Him here, we are in grave distress
We need Him, our very dear Lord, the Universal Saviour.
As Narasimha when He arrives, as Parasurama and Sri Rama
These foxes, hyenas, jackals which whine and make merry
Will panic, run helter skelter and perish... Dharma will be established!
O Lord, please come soon, Have Mercy, bestow Bharatham with Peace!
Om Shanthi, Shanthi Shanthihi!