Thursday, January 22, 2009

Did you see something bigger than you?

See the poor man, wife with glass bangles carrying an infant
Living a bare existence but smiling and cheerful
Innocent, living frugally, inside worn out clothes
Did you see him bigger than you?

See the cows, grazing in the pastures
Playing on the verdant greenery, mooing,
Udders filled with nectar for all humans
Did you see them bigger than you?

See the tree, standing still, bearing fruit
Breathing all this poison and giving us pure breath
Diligently doing its task, flowering to our delight
Did you see the tree bigger than you?

See the mountain standing tall, motionless
Ever in meditation, commanding the clouds to stop and rain
You can see it from far away, like the fame of great men
Did you see the mountain bigger than you?

See the air around you, moving everywhere
Giving life to the thousands of forms in the planet
Sustaining them from time immemorial this humble air
Did you see it bigger than you?

See the sapid ambrosial water, showering on us as rain
Eternally flowing in the rivers, in the streams,
In the ponds, flowing into our homes, quenching thirst
Did you see it bigger than you?

See the earth, wide and far, supporting all
See it bear everything huge and small, even diggers!
Patient, persistent, turning dirt into beauty
Did you see it bigger than you?

See the fire which cooks the food
See it light holy lamps and give light
See holy wise men offering sacred oil into it
Did you see it bigger than you?

Did you see the sky with its unheard sounds?
Humming holy vibrations into everything
Supporting one and all and totally unaffected and vast
Did you see it bigger than you?

In charity, in forgiveness, in honour, in fame
In patience, in tolerance, in kindness, in generosity
In strength, in valour, in pleasure or in non-violence
Did you see something bigger than you?

1 comment:

swetha said...

hi krishnan,

i have not read every writing of yours... still whatever little that i have read made me happy too see how well u think n write...... my opinion...u r seeing every minute little thing in nature.. but do see it in a positive sense... your poems n writings shud trigger those emotions in every person who reads it ,leaving them with a positive attitude towards bettering themselves in life rather than having a feeling that that aren't of any good to the world!!!!...

hope i made sense in what i said!!!
keep up the work krishnan :)