Saturday, April 18, 2009

After going around now Evangelism is at God's doorstep

Christianity has wiped out traces of every native religion across the world. Be it in Europe, Middle East, China, Philippines, Latin America or elsewhere. By running the "road roller" this religion has attempted to integrate all people but subsequently destroyed native cultures and native spiritual practices in the name of One God, One Son and One Holy Spirit! Even the native traditional medicinal practices, natural remedies, home medicines have been wiped out by Christian aggression. Christians use the following "punchlines" for achieving their *holy* agenda

- Become more fashionable... embrace Christianity
- Your Gods don't solve any of your problems
- Non-worshippers of our God (Jesus) are worshippers of Satan!
- Business, education, health are all gifts to the world from Christians
- Only Jesus is the path. Bible is the book

My retorts to these machinations are listed below

Fashion is part of change, civilizations will change without doubt, but core values like Truth, Honour, Liberty, Justice, Godliness and Equality are the same

Gods do not solve our problems. We create them and get entangled in them. When we are unattached to consequences of our actions what can affect us? The Gods are there to elevate us from the animal birth to Divine consciousness. For this the Hindu Dharma has prescribed numerous paths

God is the Creator of one and all. Satan is inside us and so is God. How can anyone who worships with goodness at heart, unity, love, peace worship Satan? Even if he unknowingly chants Satan's mantra, the implicit goodness will it not direct him to God? Or will God not be bounden to direct to good person towards Himself?

The hard work of scientists and engineers has resulted in this "convenient" world. But if you look at the third world countries, we can see what a havoc has been unleashed by uncontrolled engineering which is a child of science. There is rampant scarcity of water, pollution, spread of disease and so many additional burdens man has to carry just so that his life can be convenient! In olden days the air was pure, water bodies were themselves sources of drinking water and food was very pure and sustaining.

God cannot be owned by anyone. We are all His children. There are so many great avatars and men born in India like Sathya Sai, Shirdi Sai, Kabir, Sivananda, Appayya Dikshitar, Thyagarajar, Ramana, Ramakrishna, Vivekananda, Aurobindo, Sadasiva and so on. Are they inferior to anyone? Can one child claim ownership of the mother? Mother's love embraces all her children despite their natural evil tendencies. Even more so is God's inexplicable love for His Creation. Also there are many jewels and immaculate treatises in the Hindu religion. Can one claim that the Bible is holier? Is it not like God's garment claiming it is superior to His diadem?

Bharath is God's own country. It is a great traditional bastion for God and for Dharma. The Evangelists are at God's doorstep waiting to hand Him the translated, incomplete, aggressive and uncompromising Bible and convert Him! The people are here to force the cook to eat bread and wine asking him to throw away the tasty Payasam he just cooked with his own hands! How this is going to end will be an interesting and revealing event!

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Deepak said...

India's conscience is in the Sanathana Dharma. It is this Sanathana Dharma that keeps the nation united and overcome all the sufferings that the various rulers have caused to the nation and its people. As the lord says in The Gita "A person who is true and worships me with full faith will ultimately reach the final goal - ME". All religions lead to the same destination. But there is no doubt that there is no power in this universe that can change India's conscience.