Friday, November 28, 2008

Plea to the All Powerful Lord Narayana!

O Narayana how art Thou getting sleep on the Shesha Naga
Did Mother Yasoda sing such a beautiful lullaby?
Shouldn't she have awakened you to the urgent call of a hurt Nation?
Everyone here is running helter skelter, Mother Ganges is bleeding!
The Nation and Mother India are bleeding, they are Your children!
To save Gajendra Thou hurried, fully armed with mace and discus on the Garuda
To save Prahalada and to save Arjuna Thou descended
Even as a half-animal as Narasimha, and as the bewitching Lord Krishna
Now, when the entire Nation is in great torture from within and without
Whence art Thou? Just now when Thine Great and Holy Bravery is needed?!
Aren't Thee able to travel fast? Is Thine vehicle, Garuda hurt too?
Can even Garuda be hurt? Did he forget how he routed the Devas for the nectar?
Where art Thou, O ever valourous, O ever Charming One, O Madhava!
O Krishna, the one of charming countenance and extraordinary deeds!
Purushottama! O giver of nectar, O Father Thou served it physically to the Devas
And spiritually in the form of the Bhagavad Gita to all beings!
Where art Thou? Did some devotee imprison Thee,
In her heart out of possessiveness for Thee?
Tell her the Fate of this sacred land of Bharath, plead with her
Let her release You so that You can come hither real fast.
Or was Mother Yasoda's song so sweet that Thou went into Samadhi?
O Yasoda wake Thine Child up and send Him here, we are in grave distress
We need Him, our very dear Lord, the Universal Saviour.
As Narasimha when He arrives, as Parasurama and Sri Rama
These foxes, hyenas, jackals which whine and make merry
Will panic, run helter skelter and perish... Dharma will be established!
O Lord, please come soon, Have Mercy, bestow Bharatham with Peace!
Om Shanthi, Shanthi Shanthihi!


Gururaj said...

Hey Krishnan, The quotes are quite good. Atleast let the goddess listen to these requests and save our country. But it isn't with the goddess rather, bcoz she is to do justice to all. What i feel as right might be wrong to someone else and the cruelities might be right in her dictionary in some sense. I am little amateur in my thinkings always. So please ignore if this disturbs. As always you be the guru for all..

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