Friday, July 10, 2009

The three Gunas... Satwa, Rajas, Tamas

an explanation for the three gunas came up right in front of my face when i was in a bus

the scenario here is that we find a very pretty girl and we cannot control our emotion towards her
(this itself is an expression of Rajo Guna... but lets reserve it so that i can throw some insight into the gunas)

* the Satwa Guna is basically attachment to goodness *
so a person who is in this mode will start composing poems on the girl's beauty and singing songs like "Aisi Haseen Chandini Pehle Kabhi Na Thee" (which is by the way an extra-ordinary Kishore Kumar song). he may even start worshipping her and pray for her welfare. he will say i am not so good for her, may God bless her with a good suitor.

* the Rajo Guna is basically attachment to sensual actions and their fruits *
so a person who is in this mode will start meticulously preparing to qualify himself for her, dress up very well, be sentimental when she does not respond, follow her to her home, discuss with her parents, fantasise on her etc. etc.

* the Tamo Guna is basically finding happiness in being ignorant *
so a person in this mode will try to hurt her beauty if she does not care for him. he may contemplate on using acid on her face. he may subtly harm her or her suitors. he may try to rape her etc. etc.

the Divine person will not care for external beauty. he will say "beauty is short lived and causes complications in relationships. people grow old and wither away. God is the only One who is truly and eternally beautiful"

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Anonymous said...

@ krishnan,

good blogpost.

i understand what you mean, having myself experiencing such things in my life.

wonderful that you have commented in my blog.

cheers !